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      Dear Sue,
      This is a tough question. Different things work for different people.
      Balance in your diet is important. Exercise is very important. Adequate sleep is important.
      Lifestyle change is important. Commitment and consistancy are important.
      It can be a tough job. (I started out at 250. Went down to 120. And for the
      first time am holding steady at 155 but with lots of daily exercise and watching
      what I eat.) The American Diabetes Association has what I and others believe is
      one of the best diets for anyone. There is little magic. There is a
      lot of effort. Liquid is important but many of us with DG tend to retain
      fluid so one must watch the sodium intake-in all of its hidden forms.
      (I need to take in more liquids but am afraid to.) Non-starchy vegetables
      (corn and peas are carbos not vegies) are essential and
      can fill you up and not out. Complex carbos (grains, potatoes, pasta)
      are important but don’t overdo as they can add calories. Low fat is essential. The ADA has a web site and
      they give away lots of free literature about diet. The American Heart Assoc.
      diet I hear is getting closer and closer to the ADA guidelines.

      Graves of course makes loosing difficult. Having your thyroid levels
      in line will help but not make it magical. A support group/person is important.
      I used to ask my self, could I loose weight even if the doctor said I would die
      if I didn’t? I found out the answer is yes. If you have access to a nutritionist
      (or even your doctor) they should be able to tell you what your caloric
      intake needs to be to loose. My diet was 1500 cal/day with about 1 hr/day
      of exercise. I try to do fewer calories and keep up the daily exercise.
      It is trough trying to find the time. The wee hours before anyone is awake
      is best for me. e-mail me if you would like any ideas.

      Those of us here will cheer you on! Hope this isn’t too discouraging.
      Weight can be a “heavy” issue. -Nothing wrong with a little humor too!!

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        Julie: Had difficulty finding the American Diabetes Assn Diet – I even called them and they said they are getting away from a diet approach – going to an exchange system w/carbohydrate counting and that that would not be on the Web. Is the diet you’re speaking alot like Weight Watchers in that you have so many exchanges of fruits and vegetables, milks, breads, fats, etc. Also on the water issue – do you do the 64 oz – I’m messing around w/ fluid pills and was thinking that if I did the 64 oz it may take away my need for fluid pills? Thanks, Sue

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          Thank you for the advice. Can you tell me anything about synthroid and alcohol?
          I saw something on the bulletin board awhile back.

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            Calories and exchanges are really just the same thing. A rose by any other name.
            For instance 1 carbo exchange (3 oz. potato, 1/3 cup rice or 1 slice of plain bread)
            is 80 calories. The exchanges just mean that you can sub the above for each other and still maintain balance.
            You are right, Weight Watchers is very similar. The ADA diet info may not be on the web but general
            info should be and you should be able to look in the phone book and call the ADA for
            “exchange” literatere. (Wouldn’t want to use the wrong vernacular!)

            I don’t drink enough fluids. I should drink 64 oz of H2O but I don’t
            because I retain terribly. I confess, I also do water pills like you. I do it on occassion
            especially if I have eaten something that has obvious amouns of sodium. The theory is if you
            drink enough, you won’t need the water pills, but those of us with
            Graves may tend to retain so this is an added issue. My doctor thinks water retention is
            strictly cosmetic and not an issue. I disagree. It is a tough battle.

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