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      Does anyone else feel stressed at doing things that are supposed to be fun? Here I am on disability leave from work supposedly with all the time in the world and I can’t even handle having two things to do in a week, nice things, like going out to lunch with a friend or going to see Lord of the Dance. As soon as I know I have a commitment I worry. Things that were just part of my daily routine before seem like such an effort and I am always so tired after. If I have to go somewhere two days in a row it’s major stress.

      Just letting off some steam because things are piling up!!! Hope everyone has a good Wednesday with lots of fun and smiles. Take care. SAS

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        Hi Kelly! I believe that one of the major principles of the Universe is that we get more of what we consistently think aboout. Which is a major motivator for me to continue to learn to control my thoughts, and to be able to relax and focus my concentration. Meditation helps, but cannot be learned overnight. Consider even 5 minutes to start, and work up from there.Seeing a counselor can always provide needed help, even though I’m sure you’re not wack-o. I was consumed with thoughts about Graves and my overall health when first diagnosed, too. I have simply refocused the energy into positive channels, and now that I am feeling so much better and blood tests are good, I don’t think about it as much. Give yourself some time, and try to channel your thoughts to what you *do* want, and not what you *don’t* want. And remember my favorite saying, “Why worry when you can pray?” Actually, worry is negative prayer! I’m working on the list of reading material and will e-mail it to you soon. Love and blessings to you, Sharon

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          Since I have discovered I have GD things seem to be piling up; housework,
          my participation with my kids school activities. I use to volunteer for
          everything. Now I realize that I can’t do it all and that I need to look
          after myself. I try to put my feet up each day for 1/2 to 1 hr. and
          either watch a movie or read. I have slowly come to realize that if I
          don’t I started getting nervous and uptight and that’s not good for
          my family.

          Stress really does make things worse for GD sufferers (or warriors).
          Relaxation tapes are wonderful too.

          By the way, I’m feeling better since I’ve been on Tapazole.


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