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      Hi Shannon,

      Just to let you know you are not alone we all feel real
      anxious before surgery. Especially eye surgeries. I think when you have
      a scheduled date with time in between like a few weeks it gives you
      extra worries. With each of mine, 5 in all ( I hope is my last) I was scared too, but knowing
      family, friends and all of us on the BB really care and will be saying a
      prayer for you. Just try to think of it as an extra step of beating the
      eye disease and if you are going to a doctor in a Big city
      he is reputable and has done alot of these and you really will be fine and better than new.

      If you need to talk, please e-mail me. I wish you the best!


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        Hi Shannon,
        I am sorry you are having such a rough time right now. Could be your cold is really getting you down and playing havoc with your immune system. Are you worried about being alone? Maybe a call to Lynn asking for her to sit with you may help! She’s a gem and if she can help, I just know she will! I have her phone number if you want to call her. Let me know. Are you taking any antidepressants at this time? If not, they do help! Jake was about to drive me to drink when he needed some of his surgeries(12 in all!). I offered as much support as I could muster from this tired body of mine. It was rough, but we got through it, by grandfather’s grace! I thank Him every day that Jake and I have good senses of humor and have a son that also has one. Was probably roughest on him!

        If you want to talk to Jake about this anxiety, Shannon, why not call him tonight around 5pmEDT or after 9pm edt? I know he would sooth your fears! Let me know by e-mail.


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          Dear Shannon:#{
          Hi there ,won’t ask how are you doing because I swear to the man up above I can honestly say I understand Shannon, I really do know how scared you are when I was going to Toronto,for the ten radiation treatments this is how I felt I was so scared that I would not live to tell anyone anything about them after because I would be dead,I was JUST SO SURE OF MYSELF THAT THEY WOULD GIVE ME TOO MUCH RADIATION AND THAT i WOULD DIE BUT GUESS i MADE IT iM STILL HERE .jUST BARE WITH IT AND ONLY TRY AND THINK ONE DAY AT A TIME IS ALL i CAN SAY,AND i WILL PRAY FOR YOU sHANNON as I KNOW HOW SCARED YOU ARE I CAN TELL JUST BY YOUR POST HONEY JUST GO ONE DAY AND TRY AND RELAX,GOOD LUCK AND YOU E-MAIL ME ANYTIME K? LI’L ONE

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            Hi Shannon,

            Sounds like you are facing your fears just by even writing them
            down on the post. I suspect that is half the battle when I go to
            face something new or scarey.

            Now for me I was looking forward to getting the eyelid surgery
            that I got last November. My eyes were hurting so bad and I just
            knew that the surgery was going to take away my pain. It did.

            You might even want to picture in your mind the whole trip, the
            getting on the plane, what you will do, how the hospital stuff
            will be, the present you can buy yourself after the surgery, etc

            Telling yourself postive stuff, like how the surgery will help
            and how important it is to you and that things will turn out for
            the better should help with some of the stress I would think.

            Take Care,
            Michele B.

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