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      Has anyone been told that possibly trauma or stress “triggered” your graves disease at the onset of it? If so, how long after the trauma or stress did you start noticing symptoms? How long did it take to diagnose?

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        I figured that I was traumatically stressed 8 years ago when my dad died and I
        was told to leave his house.. It must have been a gradual process.

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          Yes, my GD came after the complicated birth of my daughter, and
          the surgery I needed afterwards. That was January. In April I noticed
          my handwriting had gone downhill…by June I was a wreck, in July
          I went to a doctor, and he diagnosed it in August, after testing
          my blood for thyroid trouble, at my insistence, to humor me. He
          thought I had these symptoms because I was hysterical, when actually
          I was hysterical because I was hyper. I’m sure many others have
          worse stories! My mother had GD undiagnosed for ten years, until she was close to a thyroid storm.
          So GD is in my family, and I suppose I was predisposed. I do believe,
          though, that the physical and emotional stress is what set me off.

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