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      Hi blynn,

      I too, have noticed when I have stressful days (ie: at work) etc,
      my eyes have a tendency to be worse off. Also, I have found after
      eating any salty foods, nitrites or things that contain monosodium glutamaate
      my eyelids have a tendency to swell. What has helped for me is to drink alot of water
      say about 8-10 glasses of water a day. Sometimes it is hard but I force he water down
      and this helps somewhat. Also with the stress sometimes just taking a wal away from your des helps
      your eyes and you get a better focus and a change of scenery.


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        Since this is the second time I have had Graves eye problems (in ’88 I had one protruding eye and eyelid surgery) I asked my Ophthal the other day if under stress this could happen again. He stated that studies show that people with extreme trauma in their lives ie losing a loved one, divorce can SOMETIMES experience a reoccurrence. Normal everyday stress should not make too much of a difference although he said many of his patients tell him otherwise.

        As we know this disease affects everyone differently but I am optimistic that this time will be the end of it for me. SAS

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          Your reference to your eyes being afftcted by your daily stress level is a common event for me each day.
          When I wored on my own at a remote train station , I would notice myslef getting dry eyes and red to boot.
          You are quite right all your stress becomes transluscent to observers that notice your eyes most often.
          they see your eyes as stressed, not your body and moind.

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