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      I had the same type of pains…and I ended up with my gallbladder out right before I was diagnosed with Graves. (I’m sure the Graves’ was already active, but no one tested my thyroid even though I told them all the crazy symptoms).

      Anyway, what you can do to help yourself until you see a doctor is to stay away from greasy foods and from gaseous foods. The Gastro guy said that those things in particular trigger attacks. If it does turn out to be your gallbladder, get it taken care of soon. The laparoscopic surgery is much easier to recover from than the old-fashioned way, but if your gallbladder is too far gone you get the long, dreadful surgery.

      Also, I kept taking antacid calcium supplments at the time for the pain…don’t! These are actually supposed to cause the formation of more gallstones.

      Take care!

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        Thanks for your suggestion and your explaination – like many others, I have never experienced stomach, acid reflux, etc until Graves. My pain would be in the gallblatter area. I think I will also mention to my doctor when I go in September. Thanks again.

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