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      Boy do I understand your issue of the doctors saying, “Don’t bother me!”
      An earlier post about HMOs aluded to this. I’m in a N. Calif. HMO and after
      RAI they really don’t want to see you except for once every 90 days.

      After RAI my pulse was down to 35/min, I was freezing, couldn’t swallow spit
      without putting on pounds (so cut calories down to 800 and exercised my little legs off-dragging my body around),
      was tired all the time and getty very grouchy!! I KNOW they
      got sick of me and I demanded TSH testing in approx. 6 week intervals and asked for a 2nd opinion after RAI.
      (They told me testing TSH in 6 week intervals was a waste of time.)(The 2nd opinion was a dumb idea! The endo had the bedside manner of a rock. He also said 800
      calories/day was just fine and if I was gaining weight to just cut down. I’d
      like to see that guy hold down a full time job, not skimp on family duties/obligations, do 2 hours of exercise a day and live on
      only 800 cals. I told him I was so hungry that I wanted to eat the chart.) I had to beg for Synthroid. Got it finally but not
      without the doctor saying “nice” things about me on the chart.

      I say go ahead and be demanding. It is your body.


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