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      Hey julie

      just took the snow off my car what a task that was,i planned on going out
      tonight still debating that issue.Friends would like to see me out more.
      Dont have the energy to write to much now,im glad you are here for my
      aches and pains just like everybody else on this beautiful bb.
      They helped me when i was a crazy hyper nut,and now putting up
      with my hypoman pain,love you all.Thanks julie always a friend,


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        Dear Steve,
        That is a tough question. How do we as individuals get through the tough
        times? We all are unique individuals. Things that are easy for you,
        may be difficult for me-and vis-a-versa. Sometimes those of us who are
        mothers, wives and working professionals force ourselves to do things
        that we otherwise might not do. Since so many other folks rely on
        us, sometimes we keep going no matter what. I had days though too where walking
        seemed to be a bit much. A touch of good old Protestant guilt about the daily
        tasks that have to be done helps too, though I’ve hear that Catholic guit is really much better.
        (Hope you see the humor in that.) Stubborness helps. My Spanish-Irish
        blood make that easy for me. Support groups help. Friends help. Professionals help.
        Family can help-IF- they understand. Being alone would make it a real
        challenge!! Personal faith can also be a real source of strength. Knowledge is
        powerful. This BB helps in that aspect. It helps knowing that your
        symptoms *will* eventually subside. The patience part of this disease is a
        real challenge for many of us. I think this disease would be easier for
        many of us if at the time of diagnosis we would be given resources for
        learning and education-just as many HMOs do for newly diagnosed diabetics and
        asthmatics. Most doctors just don’t have time to provide us with the information
        we need. For me, I just had to figure out all of this on my own,
        as many people on this BB have, and then gloriously I discovered this BB.
        Hang in there guy! I tend to be awake in the wee hours and will often check the BB
        so if I see you then, I’ll give you a reply.

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