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      Dear Inventor:
      I too, was writing with a twist of humor and satire. I was responding
      to show that I was being serious and very determined to point out that
      there needs to be more to Graves’ disease then just listening to the medical
      profession give us our numbers and levels. Why can’t we gain control
      of this disease and fine tune our bodies to know when we are going hypo
      or hyper (AFTER RAI)? If I am feeling a rush of a heartbeat or if I lack the energy
      to pick up a pencil something is wrong! If I tested my TSH level and it is off the charts I know
      I need to pick up the phone and call for assistance. Even too, perhaps
      a creation of jobs can come from this. (Certified Thyroid educators)

      But as Jake had mentioned last week this posting board does get hit and read
      from all over. Yes, even outside of the US as far as China, Australia
      Europe. When we post I guess a lesson for me is to be careful of this.
      Just as the old story of the Chevy Nova- a great car and a top seller in the US but
      when it was trying to be sold in Mexico because of the translation in Spanish
      “No Go” it cost General Motors a fortune and was a big flop. Taking this
      in to context I learned a lesson from someone who was upset in CHAT last night.


        Post count: 93172

        I’m sorry about the multiple posts. My computer said the posting failed.
        Becky H.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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