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      Hi: I guess you’ve read the other posts by now and know that it does start that way, at least it did with me.. I’m very happy that you have an appointment with your doc now and wait until you talk to him.. Yes, I’ve had some problems.. I have double vision in the mornings or if I lay down.. I have to tape my eyes and use alot of gel in them before taping. If not, they realllllly hurt and are red the next day.. I also use tears eyedrops during the day and my eye doc is going to put plugs in the corners now to help them stay wetter.. My eyes are very swollen(looks like you’re tired all the time)and bags under them with pockets of water(I guess that’s what in them) Right now one eye is bulging some but the other isn’t as yet.. Last time i went they hadn’t changed which was good, the meaurements I mean.. Also the girls were saying there was a film over the eye.. Mine is all over in the morning but then goes to the bottom of the eye by noon and by that time also my double vision clears up except for looking up or down.. I guess we all look funny in the morning with one eye open and one closed to see while we make our coffee.. The shower helps with the double vision also..
      Wish I was giving you decent news but I hope this doesn’t scare you to death.. I’m hoping mine won’t get worse than this but as everyone says noone knows not even the docs.. They were saying yesterday that reading gets you more confused.. This is certainly the case with me.. But I did read that most don’t get really bulging.. I’m hoping that’s the case..
      My other(#%&%*$#) eye doctor told me the swelling and bags meant I was getting old.. Didn’t even check them or anything and charged me $116.00 for the visit.. Get that.. It’s really scarey about the eyes but really they do feel much better doing what I do and I wear sunglasses, cool ones in the stores.. Most days are better than the ones that are bad days..
      Hope your fears will be all for nothing.. I know everyone says hope this helps but I hope you don’t have TED.. Good luck.. Ricki

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