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      Welcome to confusion central.

      Just kidding. Darleen, Reading your message it appears that you stopped
      taking the PTU six months ago. Are you taking anything now besides alternative
      treatments? If not it is not surprising that you are feeling worse. Alternative
      treatments when used in conjunction with meds for the thyroid work better. If
      you are using only acupuncture yoga and herbs you are not doing yourself any
      favor. Docs will normally back you off PTU for awhile to see if you go into
      remission. It appears from your post that this is not the case.

      Surgery for GD is an option but it is pretty invasive. It usually depends
      on the patiants wishes, age, sex etc. It is hard to decide what to do. We all
      have to go through the thought of swallowing something atomic that kills
      part of you body. Sounds so barbaric I know but the thought of having someone
      cut out a part of my body didn’t appeal to me. (After all my eye surgeries I
      thought I would be much older when the docs started to take away parts I was
      born with) Cost wise and recuperation wise the radiation was the best choice
      for me. I cannot tell you what the best choice for you is only you can decide
      that one.

      Long courses of PTU is also an option. However, the side effects need to
      be watched very closely. I had the radiation, my Mom is staying on the PTU and
      two Aunts and my grandmother had the thyroidectomy. One other aunt and two cousins
      had the radiation. All but one of us is doing well with the treatments we chose.
      My Mom will have to choose radiation or surgery soon and I suspect she will do
      the atomic cocktail. Write to the National Graves Disease Foundation we have
      quite a bit of literiture on the options.

      As you probably figured out by now GD runs rampent in my family. Between
      grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and parents there are eight of us who have
      or had GD. So I feel I can kind of answer the questions on what options worked.

      Feel free to give me a call sometime if you want to talk. This goes for
      anyone and iif I am not home I will call back collect. Let us know what meds
      you are on and we will see what we can do to help.

      Jake (No more bug eyes) George

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