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      Hi all,

              Sorry it is taking me time to answer the postings but Nancy is off
      line and I seem to be the only one around to answer questions right now.
      Our news letter asked all support group leaders and members of NGDF to jump
      on-line if they have the ability to help answer the mail. Now about the rash!
      What the problem is (more than likely) is pretibal mexademia. It is a skin
      rash ususlly found on the legs but can be anywhere on the body. It looks like
      a round rash that is very warm in the middle. It can be scalely and the normal
      treatment is cortazone cream at bed. Cover the area with plastic wrap and put
      a dressing over it. If it is on the leg or arm a sock or knee high stocking
      will do. See Nancy Patterson’s message on rashes. Three people in my group
      have this rash. Talk to you all soon. I will try and get on line latter and
      answer the mail. Thank you Debbie, Rachel, Bruce, Joanne etc etc for helping
      to keep the messages answered. If I forgot anyone it was not intentional. THANKS
      FOR THE HELP. We get about 500 posting a month and we try to get them all
      answered. If we miss your question send a follow-up.

      Jake :-)

        Post count: 93172

        I developed a terrible itching on my torso & after 3 months noticed what looked like chigger or flea bites (scabs that kept pulling off causing bleeding.). I went to a Dermatologist who immediate said the skin problem was a side effect of Graves Disease. I had never heard of this before. He prescribed a lotion & it has definitely helped but the itching continues. I don’t think the lotion can cure the problem, only help it. Has anyone had this skin problem diagnosed as Graves Disease? I am a Senior Citizen & never had a problem with skin before or thyroid problems.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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