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      Get it…? My pun… This is the site for alot of sore eyes and I was one who really missed the BB.also. It really leaves a void to lose this connection to so many special people.
      After reading the posts from the conference, I’m really wishing I could be there. It sounds like a blast. Next year I’m definitely going to make it. I need to put faces to some of these names.
      I just turned 50 July 30th…Kind of weird and hard to believe…I feel like I’ll be forever young no matter what the number….good ole denial.
      The Graves is under control with T4 @ 1.4. The weight problem and eyes are the only persisting symptoms of this dis-ease. I want to try to go off my antidepressants in the near future to see what that’s like, but kind of afraid to do it also.
      I’m rambling so will end…Just thanks to Annette and all who got this site up and running again…And thanks to you all for being part of it.

      Warm Regards…From another surviving warrior, Rachel

      P.S. It really does get better. I know it feels impossible when you are in the grip of Graves acutely, but believe it. And for those who wonder, I did RAI in June ’96, and don’t regret it. It worked but it’s hard. Best wishes to you.

        Post count: 93172

        Within the past month I was diagnosed w/ Graves disease. I had not noticed anything but my 9 year old daughter had asked me why my eyes seemed to be popping out of my head. I went to the doctor for blood tests. Now, it appears that they will be taking care of the thyroid with radiation. My heart seems to be continually racing, my eyes hurt (burn) and I am experiencing pain in my chest area. I am not able to wear my contact lenses, I find myself shaking uncontollably and have not received the answers from my doctors as to what it is that I need to do to reduce these symptoms. Those of you who have experienced this please respond. What can I expect in the next few months? To date…blood test, ultrasound, radioctive iodine, x-rays, bulging, burning eys, shakiness, …I eagerly await any response.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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