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      well went back to the hospital at lunch time they did more test on
      me and said i was fine, didn’t do a tsh which i wanted them to do
      well i see my gp tomorrow maybe he will have more answers for
      me.Wanted them to keep me over night , but there answer was no.

      thanks,for looking out for me.


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        Well, if all else fails and they don’t call you back try this:

        go to Then you can e-mail the guy,
        at and he will try to answer any questions
        you have. Pretty quickly, too. Within a day. I’ve bugged him a
        few times because I started to feel foolish calling my doctor. (I know
        I shouldn’t have felt dumb, but sometimes the office did make me feel
        lame). He was very helpful and I understood things a bit better afterward.
        This doctor is trying to get other Endo’s to help him
        with this page and with getting information out to the public. The
        world needs more people like that who actually give a darn!

        You’re not crazy…just sick and needing help! This disease can make
        you feel crazy though, I’ll vouch for that. Keep your chin up. Glynis

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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