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      Why should you join? Humm!! Good question. I am a support group leader
      and member and also the facilitator for this forum. Now I will tell you the
      corporate answer and it may surprize you! You do not need to join to participate.
      I have no idea how many of my local support group folks are members (I have 25+
      folks in my local support group). By not joining we will continue to provide
      the same support you are getting now. YOu will benefit by what we find out and
      post and it don’t cost squat! Great deal!!! However, you will not get our
      quarterly newsletter (which is quite good I might say) or any of our bulletins
      (which are very informative) I am proud to say I am an author of one of the
      bulletins (Graves disease from a man’s perspective) Go figure me published!!

      Our foundation uses the funds to publish our newsletter, bulletins, provide
      information to anyone who asks and to provide information to doctors, medical
      institutions and lawers who are trying to help folks get disabilty. We do
      not currently have a sponsor who sends us gobs of money to keep us afloat.
      We run the program by people signing up. We did get Baush and Lomb to sponsor
      our last convention in Colorado Springs and they are going to sponsor the one
      in Lexington Ky this year.

      So why sign up? The choice is yours. We will support you and all others because
      it is what we do! I hope you join but if you don’t thats OK too. This BB is
      provided free and we who facilitate do so as non-paid advocates for Graves

      Hope this helps and hope you sign up!


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