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      Hi Joni
      I thank-you for sharing your experience. I am comfortable with my current Dr.He has been treating myself along with my husband and adult children for about 7 yrs. now. When I developed High blood Pressure about 5 years ago, I decided to see a cardiologist,he tried numerous meds. that made me very weak and tired. My primary Dr.decided to take me off the “Standard” meds. for High B.P. and put me on a “diuretic”
      and I do very well on that. I just can’t tell yet if he is really “UP”
      on treating G.D. He did tell me that he has a few other patients with G.D. that he is currently treating. So I think I will continue with my primary Dr. until I detect a need for an Endo.
      This is such a wonderful BB to be involved in, I have learned more on this disease from all of you in the past10 days than I have with talking to numerous people in the “medical field”
      Thank-You,And God Bless All of us!

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