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      OK Folks do a search on Pretibial Myxedemea. It is a Graves’ associated disease. It causes swelling, intense itching and scaling of the skin on the shin bones. Recommend you see a dermatologist to see if this may be the problem.

      The doctor’s usually need to do a scrape or a small biopsy to confirm diagnosis. Over the counter meds do not help much. It usually takes a prescription steroid cream to make it go away.

      This topic has been discussed a ton over the past three years. Use teh search and read what you can. Contact your doctor and ask to see a dermatologist.

      Best of luck. I have it and when it itches I get teh cream right away and do not wait.

      We are only a click away.

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        Post count: 93172

        Thanks for kind words, but I do need to clear up a misunderstanding. My name is Edia and Missy was responding to me. I am the person new to this.

        So how long have you been on here? How long have you had GD and what treatment have you been on or are on now? How have you learned to deal with the mood swings?

        I was hoping to find comfort among others and make some new friends through this. I’ve had a rough few years. I’m sure that not knowing I have GD has cost me some relationships in the past. It’s been hard trying to deal with how quickly I get angry. I also get frustrated with how often I get sick and all the meds I keep having to take for it. I can’t JUST get a cold.

        Thanks again for the support. Any advise I would kindly welcome.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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