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      J.R. Jones and Sheila: I found a website associated with the Mayo clinic ophthamology department that talks about Graves eye problems. It’s address:

      My mom had Graves, too, with fairly severe eye impact. The puffiness, etc. went away after a while. The protrusion is still with her, but for the most part, her vision is OK now, too. Only occasional double vision, when she gets very tired.

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        Sheila Jeckell:

        You and I are in the same spot. I too would like to know about the future.
        Do the eye problems stop here? Can they get better or worse-that is what
        happens usually for those of us with Graves at this stage. I was hoping earlier
        for some info about the puffy lids too. Anyone with info out there for us?

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          I got the same kinda help (?) from my opthalmologist. I have the puffy
          itchy eyes and decided to at least get a base line evaluation. Jake’s
          recommendation got me going.

          To make a long story short, he said to use artificial tears every 3-4
          hours — that’s it — end of story. He did add that there is a plastic
          reconstructive surgeon in their group and if I want I can visit with him.
          Gee, Doc, thanks for the million dollar advice. Here’s my money.

          I guess I expected more and got a lot less. I have found more advice on
          this bulletin board than I have gotten from either my endocrinologist or
          my opthalmologist. What do you suppose is going on? Go figure :(


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