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      Hi ya Ann,

      Steve and I are old buds by now! the old man knows when I’m
      kidding around :-D

      Sorry about your favorite radio station, bummer!
      Take care,


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        Steve I know how you feel. Please, have your doctor check you for Mitral
        Valve Prolaspe. It is real, you have the same symtoms you have with GD.
        I have asked several times on the BB if other people had this problem,
        and I have had no response. It is like you get a double whamie in life when
        you have GD & MVPS. Please be checked out.



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          Hi cj , i will call my gp on monday
          i was able to walk around the block today
          you might be right,well i hope this may be an
          answer. If i cant walk around the block at 34 yrs
          and blood is normal, you might be right.

          thank you,


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            I have just been diagnosed with GD yesterday. I have also had MVPS since I was a child with no known effects. What do you mean double whammey? Please E-mail. Thanks Lisa

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              Had two thyroidectomies. One in 1954 after which there were no problems.
              It’s hard now to remember that there actually was a time when I thought things were
              going well.
              Within 2,3 months of second operation in Aug 1965, I began gaining weight and since
              then have been on a number of replacement therapies.
              First was in 1960’s and was cytomel -1 grain. Only T3. That worked well
              but was probably too low.
              Next was ten years of hell on synthroid. Seemed to me it was in the
              early 70’s.
              Last 7 years on Armour thyroid. Was responding better than on synthroid,
              but still have low T3 levels and many hypo problems persist. Especially
              weight gain and water retention. Also memory problems to the point of
              me losing my programming job 2 years ago.
              Currently on 2 1/2 grains of Armour, down from 3 grains. I lowered when
              I got a job so I could get some sleep as had terrible insomnia.
              I am sure I have a problem converting T4 to T3 because on synthroid I
              have no T3 and on Armour I never get to the normal ranges. I can’t get
              current doctor to even take a T4 or T3 test becasue I’m on Armour.
              ????? They’ll kill me yet.
              I wish you could sue postmortem. Is there any way to say “I told you so”
              after you’re dead?
              Sorry about the anger I’m expressing tonite. It’s not helping even me
              never mind anyone else.

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                Hi, Joan

                Hope your feeling better today, i been with the flew the last 2 days
                I guess my system must be so low i could catch anything now.

                take care, steve

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