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      When I was diagnosed with GD I had gained a ton of weight. after RAI i lost a ton of weight. I ended up in the hospital because tests appeared to reveal a mass in my bowel. Eventually they fighured out that there was no tumor, my bowel and intestines had just turned into themselves becoming really,really dense, I spent 9 days in the hospital having every invasive test possible without any resulting specific diagnosis other than maybe irritable bowel syndrome and reflux. It wasn’t until later when I educated myself more and talked to ore people that I learned that a very small portion of GD patients have the reverse symptoms vis-a-vis weight considerations. For 3 years after RAI I was very underweight and watched closely by Drs. I also kept having to have my synthroid dose increased. then about 2 yrs ago I went to a headache specialist who put me on prednisone for 3 1/2 weeks .She never discussed possible side effect of weight gain Well I gained 50 lbs. in 6 weeks .AAHHHH. Now I’m Fat and nothing works on fixing the problem. People say I look much healthier but that doesn’t make the double chin disappear. Nor does it help my husband lok at me with the old familiar lust in his eyes. I would suggest that you eat only good things so that you keep your body healthy and remember GD can drastically change our metabolism including becoming much more sensitive to meds. Good luck–Kendra

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