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      Can’t you go back on the ATD’s? I believe that I have seen posts of people who have taken them for several years (at least if you weren’t having liver problems or something). Don’t go without treatment just because you don’t like the treatment options. You could end up with heart damage and osteoporosis to name a few.

      No, I didn’t have nausea usually. When I was really hyper, my stomach would hurt unless I ate all the time.

      Thyroid imbalance can cause fertility problems. And if you aren’t being treated and you do get pregnant, wouldn’t you be putting your baby at risk or risking miscarriage? You can do ATD’s with pregnancy.

      If you endo doesn’t want to put you on ATDs again and you really don’t want to do the surgery or RAI, then find another endo but don’t go untreated.

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