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      Hiya Joan!

      TSI is Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulins. It shows there is thyroid type antibodies present in the blood or something like that. It is a special test and also gives a different number (on mine) for TSH.

      Once again here is some of what my lab report says regarding TSI:

      “TSI are found in as many as 95% of untreated, hyperthyroid patients with graves’ and and in up to 57% of patients with euthyroid Graves’.”

      The above is the extent of my not-so-vast knowledge of the subject.


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        Hi Amee,

        Yes, I was diagnosed with GD and the thyroid antibody test showed
        NO thyroid antibodies. Considering all I’m going through right now,
        I’d love to get an answer to this one, too. If I don’t have any
        antibodies do I really have GD? I’m calling around on Monday to see
        if I can get answers to this. Anyone else have any info?


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          I’m not sure to what test you are referring. Can you get the exact
          medical name of this test?
          Also, anyone, what is TSI? Do you mean TSH?

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            To: amee

            I am brand new to the Internet and don’t know if this will go thru but
            I’ll try. My understanding is that only those with true clinical GD have
            the antibodies. It is the presence of these antibodies that defines the
            existence of GD versus other types of hyperthyroidism. Thus, if lab tests
            detect no antibodies, it is not GD. I am going to try to leave some
            background about my experience with GD on Dianne’s homepage, if I
            can manange to get there! Thanks.

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