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      Hi, Lauren:

      My TSH one month after RAI was almost 6 and my doctor put me on replacement hormone right away — 0.1 mg, I think it was. My hormone levels continued to drop for another month, as more thyroid tissue gave out, and my second bloodwork after RAI had a TSH of 12. But I didn’t really feel bad during that time. I had some hypo symptoms, but other than some vanity issues (my face/eyes got swollen and I was using industrial-strength cosmetics for a month or two) I did not feel sick at all. As I said, others have reported feeling pretty awful at similar levels of TSH/hormone, but that wasn’t my experience. I felt so much better than I had while hyper that it probably colored the way I look at being hypo. And I was only “there” a short time: after a month or so of replacement hormone, I was feeling, and looking, fine again.

      I wish you luck with your treatment —


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