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      Hi Belinda, The magazine is called Good Times, geared at people over 50, so you may not know it if you are younger. It was the June issue. 3 page article was called Thyroid Disorders, A very common problem as we age. Shows photos of thyroid gland, explains hypo and hyper and TSH and talks about thyroid hormone acting on virtually every system in the body. Things you probably know through the net and this BB, however, really good to have the general public aware – although as Joanne says the last paragraph states that “most thyroid disorders, once detected, can be effectively and easily treated.” Actually that statement is basically true as the people who look for this BB are usually the ones who are having problems.

      Belinda, where do you live in Canada? Have you joined the Canadian Thyroid Foundation? They have an excellent newsletter four times a year. They have a site linked to this BB.

      Take care, SAS

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        Hi SAS

        Thanks for the name of the magazine — I am still underage ;). I have visited the Canadian Thyroid Foundation website, and have enjoyed the articles there, but I haven’t yet joined haven’t joined the foundation. Are the newsletters thick with information? Smile. I will contact them and find out more about the membership. I am also considering joining the Graves Foundation, but the Canadian dollar does not seem to be great nowadays for us (unless we save all the American coins in change!). I will give you my home province via email soon, not here. I am wondering how many Canadians are here in the bulletin board? A few it seems? Nice to be talking to another Canadian! My email address is:

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