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      Dear SAS Are you just going to tease me with all these posts about your long term gd
      and not answer the survey?:( I could almost work up the data on you, but I am tired and then it doesn’t feel like you want to
      offer it, so please do respond.,com/links/graves/survey.htm Thank you Jeannette

      And Fancy hello, well I hadn’t even a clue why there are enough
      folks in Pennsylvania]in the survey that I can spell it now.
      It could mean that people in PA are communicative and answer surveys
      more readily or have computers and time to go on line. It was so
      pretty here today that I was loathe to be inside and it is amazing that
      I even checked the board. But you are probably more
      right than not ( 3 mile island or love canal or???). Re; stastics of 50
      years ago, that it interesting thought. The stats would have be
      gathered in comparable manner, but I think general population stats exist on
      number of cases per capita. I think the old treatemnt pre RAI and drugs and all was to go on a cruise.
      Sounds good if you got better, huh? I think that without too much proof I am ready to accept that
      stress isn’t good for us in any toxic undue amounts and that stress is deeper and slippier in modern life.
      Pollution isn’t good for any of our working parts either and it is a big part of now, which i should be more accurately referring to as post modernity.
      And I am determined to relax and survey this stuff (for now) anyway. I am glad that there
      is nore to life than what I can pinch feel and verify, too.
      Must be late, I’m tiring your eyes with this long post of no consequence but
      appreciated your responsiveness and so I wrote back to you.

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