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      HI Vicki
      I’ve been having the opposite problem but have only been taking ATDS a couple/few weeks<dont know where I am in time anymore>.
      All I want to eat is sweets but I could go without eating and just drink Barqs root beer and be happy.
      I’m retaining water too but I think its because I quit drinking water<thats all I used to drink>.
      My best guess is my body is craving calories and some quick energy.
      Wish you well,

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        I didn’t have so much a salt craving but a fat craving (tho with some salt
        added). I could have lived on fried pork rinds, chicken cracklins and the
        trimmings off of steaks with no problem. Luckily as my levels got back to
        about normal and my cholesterol levels went back up (they had dropped to
        a little less than 112), those cravings went away.

        If you are eating a lot of salt, you do need to remember to drink lots of
        water. That will help with water retention by keeping your system flushed.

        Jean C

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          Do you suppose your salt cravings could be some kind of iodine craving? (i.e., iodized salt?) I haven’t seen a whole lot of information about iodine, but here’s my theory:

          When your thyroid is overactive, it’s sucking up all the iodine it can. ATD’s suppress your thyroid, but I don’t know if they interfere with your thyroid absorbing iodine, or if they just keep your thyroid from producing hormones. Anyway, if your thyroid was previously using a lot of iodine, and it now isn’t using it the same way, maybe that’s why you crave (iodized) salt?

          But, I’m not a doctor.

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            Regarding how the ATDs work, my understanding is that PTU prevents the thyroid from taking up iodine. Tapazole, though, allows the iodine uptake but prevents the thyroid for utilizing the iodine (doctor called it organification of the iodine I think).
            Don’t know how others work.

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              Dear Vicki,

              THANK YOU!!!

              I am leaving work now (9pm) and am feeling much better than I did earlier in the day. I think a lot of it is due to the support I got after writing about what a horrible week I’ve been having. I certainly am amongst some very special people here, who DO understand what I am going through. It is a wonderful feeling having all of you “around”.


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