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      Hi Rosemary,

      I know who’s home page you were reading, I recognize the quotes. If you go to
      his question and answer BB you will see that we have challanged his statements. You
      will also see that they have not been answered. To say that GD has nothing to do
      with the thyroid is absurd. Autoimmune diseases attack body parts and eventually
      destroy them. In the case of diabieties the pancreas stops working for example. It
      just so happens that the thyroid is an organ with an attitude that has the ability
      to try to protect it’s self by producing an over abundance of hormone when it is
      under attack.

      You mention that doctors should be able to redirect the antibodies from the thyroid
      to somewhere else. OK if they could do that there would be no AIDS, diabieties, lupis,
      artheritus (damn my spelling is bad today) etc etc etc… I know that GD is not a
      plesent thought in our lives and there are people who will try to take our money.
      Hence his stating read my book page XXX. You can’t read his book unless you buy his
      book. See a pattern?

      Now how is the NGDF different from this guy? We refer you to our bulletins which we
      sell! Difference is we provide an education service for the lay person to help understand
      the disease. We don’t say I can help and buy bulletin #XX and go to paragraph XX and
      see what I say. We provide the BB free of charge. We do not say you must join our
      organization. If someone needs help we do our best to provide it. If someone has a
      question we do our best to answer it. Joining the NGDF gets you a quarterly newsletter
      and six free bulletins a year. It is how we keep operating. All of our support groups
      including this one are provided free and no one is telling you to get more information
      you need to buy our book. Anyone is welcome to our support groups members or not. We
      turn no one away.

      Rosemary, I just reread what I said and I have come across as kind of harsh and I am sorry.
      You and I have exchanged many e-mails and feel I can tell you how I feel honestly. I would
      be very sceptical of this guy. I will admit he has a lot of good things to say but just be
      careful. Always ask for a second opinion. Hope this helped. Mayby someday the docs will
      figure out a way to turn off the antibodies but it hasen’t happened yet. By the way. The
      needle point I made my wife for Christmas came out beauteful!!!

      Best regards,
      on-line facilitator

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