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      Hi everybody! Cheryl, I really agree with your comments about saving some of the energy on the good days. Recently I made a decision to enjoy some up and coming events in my life and try to forget about my eye disease. For several days in a row I was out and doing like “normal” people. I did enjoy but I also paid for it because I got the worst migraine I have had for years and am totally worn out. Even tho I basically suffer from just the eye disease my doctor tells me it takes a lot of energy because I am constantly trying to focus and coping with teary eyes. Some days I feel really down and don’t get anything done and I have learned to accept this. On days when I feel up to accomplishing things I take on too much. I am going to work on taking the good days and bad days and trying for a lot of just OK days for now. Thanks for the reminder Cheryl.

      Sande, what are your question on Graves’ eyes? I read the posts that look informative and try to answer any that I think I can help. If you want to ask on th BB or e-mail me with your questions please feel free. I have received a lot of support from this BB and I really feel good when I can give some back.

      Debby, I do agree with what you have to say and knowing what a compassionate person you are I’m sure that post was difficult for you to write. During my many years with Graves I had an Endo, the one who requested the RAI, whom I did not care for. She did not listen to my complaints and would not answer my calls asking the results of my blood tests. Finally I called my GP and he called her. My GP was not impressed either and suggested I get another Endo. I am lucky because I live in a city where there are a lot of Endos and I now have one that I can relate to. I too have bad days where I need to vent about how I feel and how I can’t cope. When I was uptight and nervous for an upcoming doctor appointment the support I received really calmed me down. When people e-mailed me that they felt the same way I didn’t feel so alone and apprehensive. I am so appreciative of this BB and those that have supported me and giving back what I can. Let’s keep it up.

      Also, I have noticed all the new diseases and subjects that have been added to this I have mentioned this to a lot of my friends. I hope people are checking out the advertising that I presume is responsible for bringing us all this info and support and I personally would like to thank the facilitaters and people behind the scene who do so much for us.

      Wishing you all the best and keep smiling! SAS

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