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      Hi, Darlene: And I hope the New Year is happier for you. Your post really brings up why it is so important for all of us to be informed patients, to visit all the possible FAQ sheets about the disease, learn the symptoms, and keep track of our own progress. You, yourself, can go back to these previous doctors (if you haven’t already) and get copies of your bloodwork. At least in my case, the reports come with duplicates. When they don’t, the doctor’s offices have been more than accomodating about making a copy for me.

      As far as your hair question — hypo and hyper can cause hair loss of differing types. When the hormone levels get back to normal this is supposed to stop, which is why you may be seeing less of it lately.

      There is a good source of information from the American Assoc. of clinical Endocrinologists that talks about Graves and also, I believe, osteoporosis. You can access it through Basically, this site gives us the guidelines that endocrinologists are supposed to follow for diagnosing and treating Graves, etc., but the factual information is good, too.

      As for osteoporosis, the loss of female estrogen-type hormones can also hasten the development of bone density loss, so some of us are faced with a double whammy — Graves and menopause. It’s important to know what we can do to help ourselves out. Exercise programs that emphasis the weight-bearing muscles (like walking, jobbing, aerobics) are apparently good for us, if we’re in the physical shape to do them on a regular basis.

      Wishing you a healthier and happier New Year.



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