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      If this helps any, I was on PTU my entire pregnancy. I was diagnosed in December of 2001 and conceived in June of 2002 and gave birth in March, 2003 (13 months ago) to a healthy beautiful baby girl. I was told at first when I was first diagnosed not to get pregnant at that time.. but was told 4 months later I was able to start trying and 2 months later we conceived. I started on 450 mg of ptu a day.. but ptu agreed with me wonderfully and I was cut down to 200 mg which was what I took my entire pregnancy and am still on that. I know each doctors have different outlooks on the medicince and pregnancy, but i had went to a wonderful endo who has been around for quite some time and reassured me that the mg i was on was safe. I do believe up to 300 mg is considered safe to my knowledge. I had routine bloodwork and regular monitoring endo appointments, just so they could keep an extra eye out on me. If you are not comfortable with you doctors advise to you, seek further until you feel comfortable. Your health is very important especially if you plan to have another baby. And as i said in other postings you need to be healthy to keep the life inside you healthy. There have been lots of postings on ptu and pregnancy if you do a search you will see other peoples questions/answers. All the best to you be well.


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