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      Thanks for good news! I have wondered if continueing on the PTU would make a difference. It is good to here it has for some. I have 11 months invested so far. I might just as well continue for another few months.
      Did you continue in the same mg PTU for the full year? Did your TSH levels go up towards the normal range during the year?
      I will inquire with my Endo on St. J wort and tyrosine tomorrow!

      Thank again


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        I started with 2 50mg propylthiouracil a day, it was too low and I ended up on 3 a day for a few months. Then I was taking 3 one day, 2 the next and alternating for two months. Then it was down to 2 a day, and eventually down to one a day. After being on one a day for about two months and delivering a very normal blood test, I was taken off to “see.”

        Your TSH could remain low for a little while. Your pituary gland tends to “sleep” from not having to put out TSH while you were in the hyper stage.


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          My endocrinologist suspects that my Grave’s has gone into remission after about an eight month course of antithyroid medication.

          Indeed, as I posted yesterday, I am at this point extremely hypo — and this, on an ultra low daily dose of antithyroid.

          Question is: does anyone have any experience with remission? Has anyone thought they were in remission, only to find that after going without antithyroid meds, HYPERthyroid came back?

          Any thoughts or experiences are appreciated.

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