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      Seems like I stirred things up a good bit with the hives stuff. Yes, hives are not fun, but for most people (disclaimer) they’re not life-threatening. Since I have a potentially life-threatening allergy to shellfish, I carry an Epi-Pen with me at all times. It’s my safety blanket–if I go into anaphalactic shock, I stick myself in the leg with the shot and call 911. It will buy me time.

      As for my allergy to Tapazole–two endos told me that PTU was not a good choice for me (I also have asthma) and it may even put me in the hospital with another allergic reaction. After much thought and research, I chose RAI because ATD’s were no longer an option. I had a quick run to hypo, now I’m doing really well. As always, we’re all different, but my choices were limited and I did the best I could.

      My allergic reaction to the thyroid replacement meds was very rare–not impossible, just very rare. My endo was terrific about it, and was very willing to work with me. He even got my allergist’s number, so that they could “sensitize” (give me shots) me to a brand of T4, if necessary. (Levothroid finally was the ticket for me.) My endo said he’d never had to do shots before, but it was the option if I continued to have allergic reactions. So, there is something that can be done so that even someone allergic to the T4 preparations can take them. It would have been crappy to go through, but it was a huge relief to know it was an option.

      When I asked what would happen to me if I were stranded on an island and couldn’t take my thyroid meds, my endo calmly replied that I could kill a pig and eat the dessicated thyroid. In other words, there’s always an option…it might not be obvious, but you can get replacement hormone one way or another. (Don’t believe everything you read, either–ask your doctor.)

      Hope that helps and I hope that calms any fears you might have. Feel free to e-mail me if you need more info.


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