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      Hi Steve, I will dig up the article I read… which says that A
      continuing but neglected factor in relapse is exposure to dietary and
      other sources of iodine, including radiocontrast agents in diagnostic studies
      ( I turned down an opportunity for that yesterdayat the orthopadeic’s).
      Dietary sources in the US are widespread; they include RED FOOD DYE,
      preservatives such as iodates in flour, iodized salt, some public
      drinking water systems, health food products such as kelp tablets, and
      milk( from iodine used to treat disease in dairy cows and iodphors used
      to clean milk vats).

      About 20 years ago, remission rates as low as 14% after antithyroid
      drug therapy were attributed to high iodine concentrations in the
      American diet. Although remission rates are now more than 50%,
      dietary ioodine exposure still deserves attention as a cause of
      persistent hyperthyroidism. A european study by Georg Benker and colleagues
      recently correlated iondine excretion with therapeutic response to methimazole in patients with Grave’s
      disease; those with low values were more often restored to

      This is a good 1996 article to read….called
      of the Washington Hospital Center, Washington D.C.
      in the Sept 15, 1996 Hospital Practice ( Journal)

      Think I will read it again now that my levels are normal.
      I am sure I might get more out of it now…..

      So, Steve, I had to give up eating red licorice ropes in the car on long
      trips with my daughter.
      And being that she is my daughter and she can see genetics is
      at play, the kid gave it up too.
      You know the kind of licorice you might like? You go to
      the health food store and get licorice root pieces. Looks like
      a stick. I have know many people who have sucked and chewed and held
      them in their mouths while giving up cigarettes. The have an
      interesting taste and it is suppose to be very calming for the pancrease
      as well. If you don’t mind the “hayseed look”.


        Post count: 93172

        Jeannette, Just rolling through the board since I’ve not looked in for a while. I’ve been wondering about the red food coloring thing myself. When I first read your post on this I was thinking about it for days. What’s the chemical component in this that causes a problem?? Also, are you suggesting cutting salt out of the diet the increase the chance of remission?? What about sugar and the breakdown of the immune system due to sugar (ie:cookies, and any sweets, chocolate)? I fully believe this is a problem in our diets. Dave posted that he has increased his intake of fruits and veggies. I think this is essential and I think it should be a huge portion of the calories we consume. I’m starting to believe more and more in organic foods and free range meats. I’ve read so much on pesticides and chemicals lately that I think they’re killing us. I don’t want to sound reactionary but I think it’s important. Should we get the nutrients we would normally get from fish some other way?? Do we have to eliminate ALL kinds of fish?? Tell me more!!!! E

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