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      How could I read your incredible messages and not symth words back on
      the anvil of our commonality.
      Dianne, I am absolutely appalled at the idea of cloning, but I’d rather
      you’d just wave your wand over my doctor and clone him thereby having
      someone( with a script pad) listen to you. I don’t get it…
      I have been given permission to call ( his idea, I didn’t have to ask)
      if I feel cold or slow down at all..if I feel grumpy, anything that
      might indicate TO ME that I am less than normal! i.e. hypo
      The idea being that we should be protected from going hypo…
      why do I ask you all that question on the survey? Ever been hypo,, how
      long? Because I have been told it is not good for us after the hyper
      realm especially, to go hypo…and one of the sweet organs it isn’t good for
      is the eyes.
      Trying to think if I have a specific article that you could all
      highlight and innocently carry into your docs and say….not going to
      let me touch down in hypo land, right? …right doc cause like it
      says here…
      I mean if the doc does get gd AND TAKES CARE OF himself and goes hypo
      And if he experiences what it is to be treated as you have described,it
      is apparently not going to increase his compassion quota. Okay,
      so your tongue got stuck in your cheek ( maybe that’s from GD?).
      I mean, I howled with laughter Dianne, as I read your letter; there you
      were floating over internists bequeathing this GD thing,
      but it was also terrifying. ( I don’t have a wand to shake, so I was
      just shaking all over)
      I know this is only language and the power of emoting and all** AND MAY
      TRUE CATHARSIS BE YOURS**…I trust that we all share that to even wish
      this illness on another is (IN REALITY as opposed to sit in my chair or
      live in my cell just tonight)unthinkable, and yet, because it is true
      that such tragedies in other disease and injury realms ( like 35 blocks
      from Lan’s house or the conscious spreading of aids) do occur
      we must like Victor Frankl in the concentration camps say…and I wish
      I had a copy to quote him, but I hope the power of it remains in this
      remembrance and paraphrase…that there are inner realities that no man or circumstance
      can take from us…the power of suffering to purify rather than defile
      a person, our ability to chose responses to our circumstance, creatively
      rather than reactively, this is authority-humanity-godliness-power
      (transcend our language difficulties or differences and please pick
      the semantics of your choice) that cannot be wrested from us lest that
      we give it. No disease, no incompetent or ambivalent doctor, no
      sneering ignorant co-worker, no failure, no disappointment, no loss
      need ultimately rob us at the “essentials” and of the “essentials”.

      I guess my sense that we are driven to ultimates, perhaps even penultimates
      in dealing both with the primary source of trouble, the GD and then the
      secondary backlash-dealing with others inadequate to outrageous responses-
      at a time when our most accessible responses are at a disadvantage,
      echoes what I heard Lanny saying…don’t look down and I hope I get out
      of all this what I need for this life.


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        Jeannette, you addressed that subject beautifully, and I printed it out to read again.

        I’m a firm believer in reacting to circumstances beyond our control in a way that celebrates living, and I’ve lived through most of my GD inwardly untouched by it. I’ve really hated the last few days, because I’ve rather lost my hold on chosing my response to everything. Worse yet, I probably am chosing my response, and am choosing to be ugly and sour.

        Of course, the reality of wishing this disease on others is unthinkable, and wouldn’t really get me what I want. Sometimes mean little fantasies help me work through things without actually being mean to anyone.

        I’ll take that clone of your doctor! :)

        Dianne N

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          Dianne dearest

          Nothing wrong with choosing to be ugly and sour once in a while! :) The wisdom is in knowing you are doing the choosing, have fun with it.

          Love, Bruce

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