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      I’ve been looking at the book “Your THyroid a Home Reference” because I thougth that that was were I read about alcohol and synthroid. Since I am on PTU at this point, I didn’t note it. I did however, find a remark that taking cholesteral lowering drugs can interfere with the absorbtion of synthroid. Could you ask your pharmacist about the interaction of alcohol? I’m not an anti alcohol crusader, but if you don’t feel top notch, don’t add poison to what you are putting into your body.

      Joe, the alcoholic is in his local bar. The bartender, concerned for him, decides to do a demonstration to the drunk, so he puts a glass of vodka next to a glass of pure water. He then goes out and comes back with 2 fishing worms in his hand, drops one in the vodka, where the worm promptly spasms and dies. He dropped the other worm in the glass of water, and the worm wriggled all over the place. The drunk was mesmerized. The bartender said” Well, Joe, doen’t that teach you a lesson? ” and Joe answered,” Yeah, if you drink vodka you’ll never have worms!”

        Post count: 93172

        Thank you Karen B.

        I will discuss this with my doctor today. I ask because I have a whiskey/water drink

        if we go out for dinner ( once or twice a month ). It never concerned me till I saw

        some one ask the question.

        Thanks for the cute joke — I will tell that one.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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