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      I was diagnosed last February and have been on Carbimazole which seems to control it pretty much.
      I know what you mean about hating to look at yourself in the mirror. My skin was a nightmare. I never suffered from acne, then suddenly, pizza face. The tissue around my eyes erupts every now and then in an amazing display. I look like a red eyed panda bear. I got my acne under control with a combination of diet and a drug called “Diane”. It’s actually a birth control pill. I hit bottom a couple of times. I’m lucky, like you, and have a boyfriend that stands by through all of this. I asked him, one day when I was feeling particularily sorry for myself, “Why do you stay with me?” He was quite offended. He said, “What sort of a guy would I be if I had you around just as a good looking accessary.”, and I answered him “Not the kind of guy I’d want to be around.” I bet your guy is the same as mine and loves you for who you are. 9 years is a pretty good record.
      I feel better about myself now, even though I still look awful. I decided one day (about the time I found this BB) that this was still my body and my mind and I was going to be and do whatever I bloody-well wanted and no stupid dis-ease was going to stop me. There’s alot more to me than just some reflection in the mirror. And I know, and your boyfriend knows, that the same goes for you. E-mail me if you want to talk, anytime.
      Your friend in GD

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