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      This is getting weirder still as I read through the posts:

      <<why did Glynis suggest that research questions and comments be held for
      in those in- the- know featured speakers at your “love in”. Aren’t hugs,
      kisses, and auto-antibodies immiscible? If not why all the objection to
      posting research minded stuff on this board. Think! Tom>>

      *I* didn’t suggest any such thing. I quoted a nice little piece that Jake wrote and …. blah, blah said how much this BB meant to me….

      Tom, if you are out there, I realize that Graves’ can really get our minds reeling, our emotions in an uproar, so please don’t think I’m upset about this misunderstanding – but I honestly didn’t say whatever it is you seem to think I’ve said. I hope that you will carefully go back and see what/where/from the quote came from. Thomas Jefferson always said that when you are really angry about something to count to 10, if you are still angry, count to 100…then you can think more clearly.

      I hope that you find whatever it is you are looking for and that whatever treatment you choose that it works for you.


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