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      Dear Shannon,

      Small towns do have their special difficulties. Do I have you data on
      your experience? It is important to be very patient and objective in your
      request and documentation for worker’s comp. remember that there are
      people who try to abuse the system( not with graves probably) and that
      makes skeptics of lots of providers. Keep record of your daily symptoms
      and explain how they relate to your work. Disability is done in percentage
      increments. The troubles you have can be medically documented.
      That is all the doc has to do for you. share you desire to be healthy and able to work again
      and reexplain your actual circumstances to a specialist even if you haveto travel.
      Maybe you have already tried all this? Well best wishes to you. Hope it works out soon.Jeannette
      PS answer those questions. We can give the data to your doc… it is eye opening.

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        Hi SHannon,
        I went on short term disabilty with Great West Life and althought they figured
        I should be back to work in a week, all cured I did get 5
        weeks disability from them. I also got paid thru my insurance for RAI
        Lynn from Toronto

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          I live in a very small town, when I moved from the city my medical
          records were transfered, so the doctor who I’ve been seeing for
          over 3 years is very aware of my condition, If there was an Endo in
          my town I’d see him/her in a heartbeat!
          Shannon :)

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