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      A question Denise:

      Did your doctors indicate the plasmapharesis would “suppress” the immune system? The way I understood this procedure was that it was a way of temporarily getting rid of the antibodies that are attacking your eyes. Are they also giving you immunosuppressive drugs?

      Wishing you luck,


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        Thanks for your e-mail. In response to your question, yes
        the plasmaphoresis is suppose to suppress the immune sys
        ytem. Everybody is different and for this treatment right
        now it is too soon to tell. I just ent for my fourth today
        and will receive one more on Thursday. They can only leave
        the catheter in for two weeks or it can cause an infection.
        So far I have not had to worry about that. There is also
        part 2 of the treatment and that is the immunosuppressant
        drugs. I spoke with the doctors today and it looks like I
        have no choice to go ahead with this. My optic nerve is
        threatened in my left ey after two three wall orbitals and
        the graves does not want to calm down even with prednisone.
        I received a high dose of solumedrol today too 1000 mg’s
        I will go for a visual field tommorrow to see how the
        treatment is working. I will keep you posted.kk

        Have you had radiation treatments that would be my last
        choice left to save my eyesigt. I have diabetes and the
        doctor’s say I could have complications with this.
        Please write I enjjoy hearing from you. You offer a lot of
        good information


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