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      i understand you being worried about being diagnosed, but as long as it is under doctors care, you should be able to handle things. I found out I had graves when I first was about to start college and had moved away from home for the first time and couldn’t go back b/c I had nearly ended the relationship with my parents. I was scared too. But you just have to go on. I have had graves for 4 years (3 diagnosed, 1 undiagnosed). The worst part ios times when I quit taking my meds. I will probably have to have radiation this year. That is if I can get some type of medical assistance. My first year I found out I had it, I had no insurance and racked up over $10000 in medical bills. Needless to say, my college dreams were put off. My problem was I could not find anyone to see me without insurance and I had not lived on my own long enough to qualify for Medicare. I Finally got medical assistance late 1996, but that was mainly due to my being pregnant. I had my baby boy and everyhting was fine; he is healthy and so am I at this time. Just don’t give up. Not to be rude, but don’t be so mean in saying you don’t deserve it. Not one person here on this BB deserves to have it. We have all had to see many doctors and alot of people on here have had many surgeries. Everyone here care about what everyone else feels and answers questions of everyone else. Everyone supports one another. GD isn’t common so you may not know anyone else personally that has it; I know I don’t, but you just go on. If you keep it under control and know the warning signs of things that shouldn’t be, then everything should go alright for you. Yes, there are risks and I know that. I passed out during the end of labor with my son and since I was so close to having him, they used foreceps to get him out (didn’t hurt him at all) and gave me medication, b/c they thought I was about to go into thyroid storm. But just take it easy and be careful. See your doctor and don’t stress out too much. Stressing out will only make it worse for you. Good luck!

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