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      DeeDee I also suffered from headaches all my life, actually that
      was my only “health problem” before GD.
      When I first got this disease and really didn’t know what was happening
      to me, I thought for sure I would die, the pain was so severe!
      I think Graves makes the headaches worst, at least that is my opinion.
      I also have a hard time focusing at times when I’m reading.
      I know it’s terrible, I asked my Dr. if there was something I could
      take to help with the pain, She said that all I could really do was
      to take advil or some similar brand. I tried everything nothing helps.
      The only thing I find I can do is try to rest, with as little noise
      as possible. wish there was another solution!
      All the best,


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        Hi DeeDee,

        I have also suffered from migranes most of my adult life but they seem to have intensified now that I have Graves and continual eye problems. My doctor does feel they are now related to the eye problems I am having. Sometimes I get squiggly lines in front of my eyes to where I can’t make out anything. They gradually move from the center of my eye to the outside of my eyes. This lasts about an hour. Sometimes its followed by a migrane, other times it is not. My doctor has referred to these as stress migranes. Very annoying. 800mg. of Motrin works for me in making these headaches somewhat better. Good luck to you.


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          Hi DeeDee,

          I’ve had migraines since pre-teen days. The times when they were the
          most frequent and the most painful were 1)puberty, 2)pregnancy, and
          3)birth control pills. The neurologist and GP didn’t put it together
          until I did. Anything that screws up my hormones give me migraines.
          It makes sense to me that with GD – your hormones are messed up and you
          get migraines. I’m sure the docs would not blame GD – they would
          blame the hormones – semantics:)

          Hope this helps.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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