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      Hi DeeDee:

      I don’t know if Graves makes it worse or not, but the most help I ever got for migraines was from my allergist, who gave me a list of foods to avoid. These foods all contain some type of chemical (huge-long name that I can never remember) that my MD said they believe contributes to migraines in susceptible people. I looked at the list and shrivelled a bit, because the list included most of my FAVORITE things. There was no way I was giving them all up!!! (Oh, the “standards” were there: chocolate, caffeine, etc. But also spinach, yogurt….. YOGURT!??) What I did, though, was start being really careful not to eat too much of them, especially in clumps. It works! Whereas I used to get the headaches almost like clockwork, the only time I get them now is when I start getting complacent and ignore the list, and start eating them in bigger quantities again. If you want, email me, and I will send you the list.


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