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      I don’t know if anyone was actually offended. I can’t speak for
      the others but this seemed like good hearted debate. We’ll have
      to let the others decide. I can only speculate from what I read.

      I did have a remarkable experience with my synthoid.
      I felt significant effects of my thyroid hormone replacement after my
      very first atomic cocktail. I was tested 12 weeks after the RAI and
      then went on replacement. I had gone very hypothyroid, I can’t
      remember the exact number but my doctor’s response was “WOW.”
      Well, on my first dose it felt like I was given exactly what
      my body needed. I attribute this to being so so extremely hypothyroid.
      It was almost like giving a severly dehydrated individual a sip of
      cool water. (or a cold beer! LOL) Talk about hitting the spot.

      Each time I went hypothyroid, I experienced something similar but
      not to that extreme. Now, I am euthyroid and I can’t tell a thing
      after my moring pill popping routine. I would speculate, at least
      in my case that the feelings may have something to do with my stability.

      Just my 5 cents worth! (inflation)

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