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      I go from hot to cold also, one time I am turning the furnace down, the next I am covering up with a blanket. I will say this is the first winter that I have not been unbearable cold. This is unusual for me because I hate winter for just this reason. Now I fell I’m making progress when I do feel cold. I guess it makes me feel normal.

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        Robin: Congratulations, your fiancee sounds like a winner!!!!!!!!!! Lets hope you will be
        going through feeling cold during the honeymoon since you are having problems feeling
        hot and cold. I was super cold for months and could not get warm before I started
        Synthroid. I would sit out in the sunny 105 degree Florida temps. with a sweater, long
        pants and shake. During this time is when I felt I lost a lot of hair on my head and body. I
        didn’t have to shave my legs during this time at all. This was also my physical weakest

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          I go throught the same thing alot. one minute I have chills the
          next minute I’m turning the heat down because I find it to hot!
          I have to get another blood test in a few days, maybe that will
          explain things for me.
          I find it usually occurs when my thyroid is not in the normal range.


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            I am either hot or cold. I seem not to have a “kozy warm” on my internal
            thermostat. Actually, I am usually very hot. My friends at work were teasing
            me once. One guy said “you know Carolyn, it is freezing in here when I get to
            work, but when you get here, oh, say in about 20 minutes, the room is like a bake
            oven.” My answer to him was “what can I say, I radiate….therefore I am.” I
            don’t have a solution. I just deal with it. I have a fan on top of my desk,
            and a space heater below my desk. I am ready for anything! Carolyn

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