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      I have been experiencing forgetfulness for several years now, whether it be from Graves or menopause I don’t know. I used to have little notes all around the condo. Forget the fridge, I didn’t notice them anymore. I put the important ones in the bathroom!

      What I have done, my mom did this and suggested it, was to buy a nice looking lined book or journal to keep beside the phone. Whenever anyone phones and says something I want to remember I jot it down. I also put down things I want to do or places I want to phone. Anything that pops into my mind that I should remember. After whatever is taken care of or a date transferred to a calendar I cross it off. I check the book several times a day.

      It is incredible the organization this little book has brought to my life. All my info is in one place. It would be easy to have one at work and one at home.

      Now, I just have to remember not to lose the book!

      Take care everyone, SAS

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