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      Has anyone experienced a hoarseness after RAI? Seems like I’ve gotten
      really hoarse since the treatment and that’s the only thing I can
      think of that caused it – started the next morning.

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        Hi Mary

        Yes, I did get horse and lost my voice for, oh… about 6 weeks.
        I also had some really strange things, in the back of my throat. The
        biopsey from Mayo Clinic said…a non-specific fibrous reaction. ??
        Go figure! My voice is a lot deeper now too!

        Take care


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          I “lost my voice” for about a month. I had my RAI done in Aug;
          got a “stomach virus” around Thanksgiving, then a upper resportory system
          infection in Dec.. (They also hit EVERYone at the school where I work..
          so I wasn’t alone..) I however, did have a really hoarse voice during the
          month of dec/early Jan-Then I found out I was finally going hypo! (BTW, my
          thyroid test in Nov showed a near normal range-to nil (Hypo) in Jan. Just
          came from my monthly blood test-Doc is upping the Levo to two 50mcg a day.

          Huggers, Dawn

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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