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      just gave my opinion, didn’t ask for a blast in the ear.

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        I can certainly understand your feelings. But, on the other hand, as a parent, I would do anything, do you hear me, ANYTHING that would mean my child would live. If RAI is what will keep her from having the heart problems that can kill her, and being an athlete, she is much more prone, then it should be done.

        And everyone talks about “killing” the thyroid. My radiologist says that is not what happens.

        At any rate, what does this child do that is a “state level” athlete at 9? Most states, and I have lived in all but 3, do not have actual competitions until middle school/junior high school and then on to high school age, which is usually 11-12 on into the late teens. Her coach was mentioned. I can’t stand coaches that get involved in a child’s healthcare unless it is to hold a parent and child’s hand while something is being done. Look at all the problems that wrestling coaches have done.

        The mother asked if she could force her. Legally, in all 50 states, if the child is only 9, the only way she could counter act her mother’s wishes is to go to court, have a guardian ad litem appointed and then sue her Mother. Seems drastic, but that is the law. she is a minor and her mother has parental control over her. I would hope that the entire family would have a discussion with the health care professionals involved and make the decision that is right for the child.

        Ask lots of questions, get lots of opinions, and then decide what will help her live the best life. She can’t even get mad at you if she is too sick to move. Think about that one.

        Mitakuye Oyasin

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