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      I’m not at all sure that it is true that the chances for a SECOND remission on the antithyroid drugs are increased, or even the same, if the first attempt was successful. I couldn’t get back to the information site where I picked up actual numbers — for some reason my web search engine will no longer open it. But I am fairly sure that I read it on the Graves’ Home Page, which generally has good information about the disease and the treatment options. The address is:

      If I remember correctly, the author of this page gave the chances for remission on antithyroid drugs at about 40% for a FIRST try on the drugs (I’m working from memory here). He/she then stated that the chances for a SECOND remission were significantly lower, and gave the number. I have no idea where the numbers used came from (for the author), or even if your doctor would agree with the statement. So this issue is undoubtedly something that you need to discuss with the doctor, in depth. Obviously, whatever you all decide needs to be based on a realistic appraisal of what the treatment would accomplish.

      Good luck,


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        If ATDs put her into remission once, maybe there’s a good chance they will work again. If so, you could buy some time for her. Even just a few years at her age could mean everything to her. If she feels strongly against RAI–ATDs might give her enough time to consider her options . With puberty approaching she’s going to be facing a lot of hormonal changes anyway. If she has RAI and it doesn’t meet her expectations, puberty is a bad time to deal with her resentment over it.

        Just my thoughts as a mother. God bless all of you and I wish you the best regardless of the treatment you choose. She has a lot of years ahead of her—maybe research will find a way to beat this disease. That’s one hope she can definitely cling to.

        Best regards,
        Valerie L.

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