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      That is a loaded question to ask on a worlwide bulletin Board if other sites
      are misleading folks. Answer is there is nolong term effects from RAI that
      can be documented. The fact that some folks have there eye problems get wrose
      after RAI has nothing to do with the RAI per say. The medical community used
      to say there was a 2% chance your yeye would get worse after RAI. Now it is
      documented to be higher than the 2% (depending on what you read between 20 to 60%0
      willhave theri eye problem get worse. Now it is also documented that if you have
      proptosis (buggy eyes) prior to RAI, surgery seems to be the best option since
      surgery does reduce the chance that the eyes will get worse.

      To answer your question asked of Jan (my better half) we will never know if my eyes
      would have gotten worse if I had surgery, or kept on with ATDs. That is a what if
      question. We at the NGDF are telling folks if they have severe proptosis they may
      want to consider surgery over RAI since it appeears that it is the best way of
      reducing future eye involvement.

      When you ask a general or specific question and you get a response it is someones
      personal experience or opinion so take it as such. The NGDF does have bulletins
      on RAI and options on our homepage at We are an educational foundation
      who trys to provide information to folks with GD and the medical community.

      Check out our home site and please keep posting.


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