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      There are so many days when I wish I could rip my thyroid out. Days of sweating, anxiousness, etc are horrid. I’ve had relatives who have jokingly offered to do an at home thyroidectomy. Don’t you think I would take them up on it. My doctor has finally seen my frustration and is allowing me to proceed with either RAI or surgery. I’ve been on PTU for a while with wide fluctuations in my levels. Sometimes I break even, but still feel hyper. I hear you on not sleeping. I toss and turn and beg for morning to come so I can jump out of bed. But then I get to dog tired the next day. I think that subconsciously this disease is stressing myself, and I’m sure many others to the point of not sleeping. This is not a normal lifestyle and outsiders don’t understand. Everyday I start new and with one thought in my head…Endure to the End. Wherever that end may be, I have to keep going amidst the annoyance of my thyroid. We’re not alone and I know that we can all endure to the end.

        Post count: 93172

        Thanks for reading my post. I am just in a tough spot right now and want my treatment over one way or the other. I can pick either treatment and it is driving me nuts trying to choose. I am not your typical newly diagnosed Grave’s patient. I have known for quite some time and had to wait to do anything until I had my baby and she was a little older. Now I have waited and waited and am hung up on the big decision. I have been on PTU for three and a half years. My endo. has very experienced surgeons at hand and he has been around the block with Grave’s and RAI so he is not pushing me one way or the other. He has told me it is my choice. Bad idea for me, I am indecisive the way it is!

        It is nice to have someone who has experienced the same crazy sleep things I have to talk to. I could write a book about all my experiences and what I have gone through to try and solve this problem. PTU has leveled me out for quite some time and you would think the sleep thing would be gone but no! This is the main reason I was thinking about going for the surgical option to lessen the leveling off period. I have been so sleep deprived, I just want to march into a hospital and say rip it out now! Possibly waiting 2-3 years for things to settle down to normal is hard to handle hearing.

        I know exactly what you are talking about when you say the alarm doesn’t even go off. I still set mine hoping this will be a morning it will actually have the chance of waking me up but I think it has happended twice in a year. Scary! I do have to say right now is a good week for me so far. I hope it lasts for awhile so I can catch up. I thank god I don’t have to work right now. I don’t know how you do it!

        As far as being a good mom, well, I do my job but those extra things that mom’s do like going to the park, sitting down to play a game, you know the memory makers–I have all I can do to keep up with the everyday stuff and I feel like things are just flying by me. I know Grave’s makes me a mess sometimes and I spend my good days catching up after the bad days. This is what prevents me from getting to do those special things with my kids that they will remember. It makes me feel sad to see them grow up so fast and before I know it they won’t give me the time of day.

        Hope you conquer your sleep problem. When did you have treatment?
        If I ever figure this thing out I swear I will tell everyone I can.

        My Best To You,

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